New Arrival: Monogram Coffee

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New coffee has arrived from Calgary!

Thank you to Monogram Coffee and all coffee roasters that are still working and shipping amazing coffee so that we all can enjoy the fresh coffee at home during the quarantine.

Here is a list of the coffees available for in-store pickup.

Filter roast

•Brazil, Moonlight – Nougat, almond, sweet orange
•Ethiopia, Ardent Natural – Berry, peach, juniper
•Ethiopia, Ardent Washed – Earl grey, nectarine, jasmine
•Bolivia, Luis Choquehuanca #2 Caturra – Plum, almond, grapefruit
•Honduras, Miguel Ruiz – Chocolate, cola, cherry

Espresso roast
•Ethiopia, Ardent Washed – Caramel, orange, black tea
•Costa Rica, Mauricio Jimenez – Raspberry, raisin, caramel
•Ethiopia, Ardent Natural- Tropical fruit, grapefruit, brown sugar

To order, please fill out the form from here.

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