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At KAHVE, the health and safety of everyone is a priority for us. We are implementing several changes to our café service to protect both our staff and also our community, and avoid the spread of germs.

Those changes are:

1. We adjusted our operation hours – we close at 4:00. Our kitchen closes at 3:30, last order by 3:15.

2. We politely refuse to serve in your personal mugs.

3. We will only use take-out containers for all drinks & food including plastic cutlery even though you ask “for here”.

4. We are shutting down the condiment station – please ask our staff if you need any of those items.

5. We reduce the amount of daily baked goods such as muffins, scones, cookies, and croissants. If you want to make sure that you get the baked goods you desire, please call us in advance.

6. Now we accept orders over the phone as well. *Unfortunately delivery is not available.

Phone: +1 6042229002


It will be great if you help us by:

1. Placing all the used items including napkins in the trash bin yourself.

2. Using contactless payment if possible (not cash)


Our staff washes hands thoroughly with soap and continue sanitizing all the surfaces including doorknobs in the store and clean thoroughly as often as possible. Please contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or you notice any deficiency. 

When times get a little bit tough we must do our best now more than ever, and we really appreciate that you all understand and support us! We are all in this together and together we will find a way forward. Please look after your health and loved ones and stay strong!



KAHVE team with love

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