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COVID – 19 Safety Plan


  1. This plan is to keep staff & customers safe and reduce any risk from COVID-19


  1. KAHVE’s maximum number of patrons is “12” and we will ensure that the number present does not exceed “12” people at all time.
  • Request customers who dine-in to fill in the guest list information; the first and last name and telephone number, or email address, of one member of every party of patrons
  • Retain this information for thirty days, in the event that there is a need for contact tracing on the part of the medical health officer
  • Request customers to wear mask inside the store; when they order, wait & pick-up drinks, or if they leave the table
  • Allow customers to stay inside only for an hour or less


  1. Physical distancing
  • Maintain a 2 metre distance from a customer all the time
  • Installed a plexiglass between customers and the cashier’s till
  • Wear mask while making drinks and serving them to the customers


  1. Cleaning & hygiene
  • Handwashing should be done as often as possible following the provided good handwashing practices
  • Hand sanitizer is available to customers and staff
  • Clean all tables and chairs between seatings
  • Clean the payment pin-pad between transactions
  • Clean the customer information desk & pens
  • Clean the high touch tools, such as espresso machine handles, coffee brewers, grinders, fridge handles after each shift
  • Clean the bathroom thoroughly after each use
  • Clean both sides of the plexiglass
  • Clean the surface of the bar & the countertops
  • Clean as often as possible the high touch area, such as the door knob, drink or food pick-up space, or any other touch point you can think of


  1. Other considerations
  • Do not come to work if you feel sick or have fever
  • Be aware of the proper handwashing practice and the proper mask wearing practice

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